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Learning and Growth

Curious Lotus is proud to offer a range of customisable learning packages to teams and organisations, drawing on our experience and qualifications to deliver impactful workshops that make a real difference.  Contact us to discuss your learning needs in more depth.



Curious About Values

Values underpins culture, and “culture eats strategy for breakfast” (Peter Drucker). CuriousLotusUK works with leaders to build and strengthen understanding of your lived values, and how this translates into your actual organisational culture. By building this understanding, you will be able to actively lead and manage your organisational culture and avoid disappointment in critical areas such as recruitment, retention and strategic alignment.  

Designed for small/medium sized businesses, our Curious about Values programme can help you to identify your individual and organisational values and understand the complexities of how these feed into your organisational culture.


Cut through the Bull – Essentials of Contemporary Leadership

With hundreds of thousands of books out there promising the ‘secret sauce’ of leadership, let us guide you through the landscape and get to some basic tools to elevate your leadership.

Image by Hannah Busing


Cultivate the S.P.A.R.K. 

Learn about the critical components of a high performing team and how to get the best from it.  With essential information on how teams evolve and key leadership perspectives this workshop will take your team to the next level.


Curious about Change and Transformation 

Give your approach to change a boost; discover the critical difference between change and transformation, the role of culture, and gain strategic tools for leading people through a period of change and into a successful new phase.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams
Manager and Worker


Curious About Managing People

An overview of some of the fundamentals of managing people, essential HR best practice from the basics when taking on your first employee, through growth, development and expansion.  Ideal for new Employers


Curious about Supervision

Get the best out of your people!  Fundamentals of employee wellbeing, engagement, talent development, effective communication and consultation.

Business Discussion


Curious about Recruitment and Retention

How to ensure that your recruitment process delivers results from workforce planning and identification of vacancy, through interviewing and onboarding, ensuring you employ the right people at the right time and get them fully 


Curious about Performance Management

Explore tried and tested techniques for turning around staff who aren't at their peak. Learn about underlying drivers, motivation and a structured approach to getting people back on track.

Together at the Top
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