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Curious About Coaching?

Your Questions Answered

What is coaching?

Coaching is a non-directive development tool that creates a safe space for the coachee to explore, elevate their awareness, unlock their potential and become the best version of themselves.  Coaching builds capability and confidence, encourages reflection and continuous improvement, and helps the coachee create a roadmap to take them to where they want and/or need to be.  The key here is non-directive; coaching does not provide a step-by-step guide to doing something, it facilitates the process of mapping a way forward and identifies what resources are needed to enable success.

Coaching is not therapy.  While many coaching models have their foundation in therapeutic interventions, coaching itself is not therapy.  Therapy deals with the past and makes an assumption that there is something that needs fixing.  Coaching is forward thinking and while some unpicking may be involved and may be helpful, coaching is about the future and the tools we need to move forward in this future. 

Coaching is actually quite a simple process, but to be effective it requires some key ingredients, much like a decent cake.  And just like a cake recipe, it is easy to get it wrong if the baker does not have the right skills, tools or techniques.  It is easy to overwork a coachee, just like it is easy to overwork a cake batter.  If you do not understand and apply the appropriate coaching tools, you risk ruining the coachees experience and their future potential.

Click here for a really quick outline of the differences from ICF Houston Coaches

What is the Curious Lotus approach to coaching?

I take a three-step approach to coaching…

Start with the end in mind

I need to know what you want to get out of the coaching engagement; what will success look like for you?  While the coaching journey may take an interesting route, if we both have the same understanding of why we are working together, we can ensure that we get there together.

Space for exploration

I use a variety of coaching models and tools to help you explore the best way forward for you, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.  I will pull on 30 years of developing and delivering personal development programmes, and over 15 years of coaching individuals in a business environment.  This is a partnership where I facilitate space for exploration with you to find your answers and the best way forward for you at this time.

Building skills for your future

The number one goal I have as a coach is that you will never have to come back to me for the same issue twice.  Through our coaching engagement I will equip you with the tools you need to move forward and that you can apply to different scenarios in the future.  Any work we do together at a later date will be to build on this or explore new areas as you travel along your chosen path.

Curious Lotus can offer virtual or face to face coaching to suit your needs.  Contact us for a free virtual 30 minute Exploration Session.

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